The brew selection and the menu is all set for the big Hess Beer Dinner in the comfy confines of your own private dining room at Riviera!  That's right, the dining room is closed on Mondays so we can have events like this.  More privacy provides a VIP feel where you can listen to Mike Hess without contending with a crowd and the exhaust fan above the grill. This event will be a great one, and here is the lineup for the Hess dinner: Mike Hess Brewing Claritas Kolsch Style Beer Roasted Corn Croquette | Lavender Goat Cheese Filling | Trio of Accompaniments | Maple Bourbon Bacon Jam | Smoked Tomato Reduction | Meyer Lemon Butter Mike Hess Brewing Jucundus Orange Honey Wheat Tri-Potato Tortilla Espanola | Fresh Sage | Gruyere | Linquica Portuguese Sausage | Red Onion | Sage + Chive Infused Creme Fraiche Mike Hess Brewing Grazias Vienna Cream Ale Prosciutto Wrapped Chicken Saltimbocca | Sage + Gouda Stuffing | Lentil Duo | Green Corn + Chile Puree | Leeks | Carrot | Celery | Crispy Pancetta + Rosemary Mike Hess Brewing Solis Occasus India Pale Ale Jumbo Sirloin + Lamb Meatball | Hickory Bacon | Gorgonzola | Caramelized Red Onion | Portobello + Smoked Bacon Risotto Fritter | Oregano + Basil Pesto Mike Hess Brewing Ficus Belgian Dark Ale with Figs Hess Ex Umbris Braised Leg of Lamb |Cilantro | Ancho Chile | Dried Fig | Pepita + Cilantro Pesto | Cotija Polenta | Cumin + Cilantro Oaxaca Crema Mike Hess Brewing Ordeum Rex West Coast Barleywine Salem Blue Cheese + White Stilton Cheese Cake | Dried Apricot | Gingersnap + Walnut Crust | Bosc Pear | Caramel Sauce | Candied Walnut